Making Your Employee’s Work More Meaningful

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There are many reasons workers lose interest in their jobs, but the reason most often mentioned is boredom. Is there a cure? Try putting some excitement into the work you ask them to complete. Or, try building more content into the assignments to make them more meaningful. Here are some ideas for bringing that about:

  1. Supervisory Update - EAPRotate assignments. Mixing dull assignments with those more interesting breaks the routine, adds variety and prevents boredom. Give workers more responsibility for the jobs being done. Then allow workers to be "self-directed" to the largest extent possible.
  2. Find new methods of doing the work, and give your staff an opportunity to choose the approach that suits them best. Ask employees for ideas on reorganizing your department or on how to improve work flow.
  3. Encourage suggestions from employees on ways to improve job interest, productivity, quality and safety. Help workers develop these ideas, and then implement the best of them.
  4. Tell employees how their efforts contribute to the quality and mission of the organization. Be generous in your praise. Stress the contribution and value of all ideas that are implemented and bring about improvement. 
  5. Whenever possible, delegate the duties of your workers. This gives you an opportunity to see what your employees can do when faced with added responsibility. It also provides workers a welcome break from their routine and builds awareness that they are really making a contribution.
  6. Aim for optimum working conditions in your department. Be conscious of the need for good lighting, efficient location of work stations, adequate heat and ventilation, good housekeeping and tool maintenance. Employees will notice all of these attempts to improve and will respond with efforts of their own.