Increasing Your Potential for Success

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Successful people have the ability to anticipate and face future problems with a sense of confidence and optimism. These individuals are also admired for their ability to express the things that many people are thinking, but remain hesitant to pursue. This to a large degree is what makes them so successful.

To increase your own potential for success:

  • Increasing Your Potential for SuccessRealize that despite all good efforts, there are always other responsibilities to face.  Know that unanticipated events can and will occur, and that they can be overcome with willingness to be of service and to do what's right.
  • Pause to look back on how you handled past challenges so that you can learn from the experience and be even better prepared for the future.  Evaluate whatever might have gone wrong but, don't dwell on past shortcomings by replaying them over and over.
  • Understand that reliability and attention to detail are vital qualities to consider and develop. Visualize what could happen each day even before the day begins. This is an important part of planning to handle both daily activities and those challenges yet to come.
  • Take time to review each working day and choose at least one or two accomplishments, no matter how small, that give you a sense of accomplishment and pride.

And above all, remember..., true success is based on neither luck nor connections.  People who are truly successful have that vital ingredient we call character.  And, character is based on genuineness, hard work, commitment, honesty, regard for people, and willingness to make a stand for the values and principles in which we believe