Enhancing the Quality of Your Life

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Learn to Handle the Stresses of Life 
We’ve all experienced it—the rush of adrenaline, rapid heart rate and the rise in body temperature. When our systems react to stress for extended periods, those circumstances wreak havoc on our bodies, weaken our immune systems and stress our minds. Find ways to reduce stress in your life. Take mental breaks, engage in physical activities to reduce the impact of unresolved conflict and frustration and make time for friendship and fun. 

Eat Healthy Foods 
Food influences our health and well-being in many ways. Eating whole grains, fruit and vegetables improves brain performance, and the reduction in fat helps to fight heart disease and cancer. The challenge is to break the pattern of stuffing down a fast food meal and rushing around when you’re stressed. Instead, develop healthy habits of eating and coping. 

Get Eight Hours of Sleep 
Lack of sleep disturbs the daily rhythms of our minds and bodies, causing us to become less effective in our daily functioning. People who fail to get eight hours of sleep each night tend to become more irritable in their daily interaction with others; and they tend to make more mistakes in carrying out the daily responsibilities and activities of the day. 

Connect With People 
Giving and receiving love is basic to human health and happiness. Take time to nurture your relationships with family and friends. Being part of a larger community is also important. Helping other people gives you perspective on what is really important. 

Balance Your Attitude 
A philosopher once said, “It is not the events of the world that are a problem, it is our view of them.” In other words, “attitude is everything.” Cultivate positive thinking and nurture your spirituality. Knowing what you believe and understanding what life is about can help you maintain balance and peace of mind in the midst of daily crises and challenges.