Elements of Living Well

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It takes more than “an apple a day” to live well in today’s fast paced world. A healthy lifestyle requires balance in the realms of home and family, work and productivity, and social processes. To enhance the quality of your life in these three realms, consider the following: 

Control Your Stress Levels 
A moderate amount of stress can be good for you. It keeps you alert and engaged in the world. But, too much stress can be overwhelming and interfere with your ability to meet life’s challenges. Taking time for yourself on a regular basis can help you approach situations more effectively and help you to get more enjoyment out of life. 

Eat Right 
Eat sensible amounts of nutritious food. Eating right can help you feel your best and control your weight. Too much of any one kind of food or beverage can take your body out of balance. Too much caffeine can make you tense or sleepless. Too much alcohol can cloud your thinking. A balanced diet and moderation can do wonders to help you to stay fit. 

Exercise Regularly 
Participate regularly in some enjoyable physical activity. Although there are different types of exercise to achieve different goals, you don’t necessarily have to make things complicated to reap the benefits of physical activity. A day spent on the golf course or an evening with friends at the bowling alley can provide beneficial levels of exercise and relaxation. 

Rest Your Mind and Spirit 
If you find yourself to be a constant worrier, talk about it with a friend or trusted adviser. Going for a walk, reading a book or enjoying a hobby can also help you relax mentally and help you to develop a fresh outlook on life and to find solutions to your current concerns. 

Get Variety in Life 
Variety is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you’re in a rut, overly stressed, not eating well or not getting enough exercise, vary your routine. Regularly implement small changes in your daily life and it can make a world of difference. 

Accept Yourself 
Never build obstacles to your self-esteem. Instead, see your responsibilities as challenges that you are able to handle successfully. Do not allow yourself to feel inferior to any other person or group of persons. Have respect for yourself as you are and regard other people as comrades and equals.