Effective Pre-Hiring Practices

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Thoughtful planning can be of great help in assuring the hiring of quality personnel. To conduct an efficient and productive search for new employees, address key issues before conducting interviews for the position. 

  • What Does the Position Actually Require? 
    Visit with your staff to determine whether they are over or under challenged. By discussing the position with your employees, you can reduce the chance that you will overlook important position requirements. You may even discover the position is not needed based on effective redistribution of work assignments. 
  • Examine Budget Constraints 
    Can you afford a competitive salary? Determine whether your budget will allow you to pay at the top of the scale . . . even if you plan to hire below that amount. That way, should you find an ideal match for the position, you won’t be in a bind should you discover you can’t meet the salary requirement. 
  • Be Precise When Advertising 
    Don’t lure workers who are overqualified for the position. In fact, if a position requires only brief training, you may want to hire someone just out of high school or college instead of an established employee. In any case, don’t oversell the position. When workers discover groundless claims, their attitude toward their work and you is sure to deteriorate. 
  • Screen Job Applicants in Stages 
    Many applicants are so eager for employment that they will apply with no idea of what the job entails. You’ll then need to sift through a large number of applications to choose the group with the best qualifications. In many cases, it only takes a quick check of the application form to determine whether or not applicants have required skills. 
  • Evaluate Resumes Carefully 
    When is a resume too good to be true? —about 30 percent of the time according to some experts. In addition to resumes, require completion of an application form and let candidates know that their responses will be thoroughly checked out. Putting candidates on notice makes it less likely they will attempt to misrepresent their employment skills and achievements. 
  • A Word of Caution 
    The object of screening applicants is to identify the most promising candidates so you can focus most of your attention on them. But, care should be exercised to avoid eliminating candidates who have potential to do the job. Even those who don’t have all the skills identified, but who show a strong desire to work and have related skills, should be given consideration and scheduled for an interview.