Dynamics of Leadership

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To be a successful leader, offer something extraordinary that demonstrates integrity and character. If you want your employees to be effective and productive, model the behavior you expect of them as you carry out your own daily responsibilities. 

  • Explain to your employees how you do things. 
    You may have the world's best system for getting things done, but, if your employees don't understand it, they're likely to feel angry and frustrated. Once they understand you have reasons . . . and that those reasons make sense . . . they're bound to become more responsive to the challenges and expectations that you present to them.
  • Believe in open communication. 
    Invite all employees to share their ideas and concerns with you. And, every time you communicate with your employees, offer something of value. If you are open and available, your employees will be open and available in return.
  • You must be approachable. 
    Your employees must believe that they can challenge you, ask you questions and come to you for advice. They must believe that you really listen to what they say and that they will receive a well-thought-out answer from you.
  • Every impression is important. 
    In whatever you do . . . whether it's the service you provide or the way you set up your office . . . make sure that something will grab the attention of your employees and make them notice that you are concerned about quality.
  • Make it clear. 
    Everyone should know that there is no excuse for unethical behavior. Talking isn¡¯t enough. Supervisors can't just lecture about ethics. They must show they mean it by the way they act toward everyone . . . employees as well as management.

And, remember, you are the message. With everything you do, you are sending messages to your employees about what kind of supervisor you are and what you think is important. So the details count; whether it's the clothes you wear, the language you use, the salary you pay them or whether you hold yourself to the same standards that you hold for them.