Developing a Dynamic Workplace Team

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Develop Positive Vision 
See success before it arrives. Look for ideas that will be contagious and excite people. Encourage your team to do their best. Successful managers believe that people want to make a significant contribution. Coach and develop people to live up to their potential. 

Set & Maintain High Standards 
Emphasize teamwork and innovation. Mediocrity does not generate a highly motivated work force. Realize that fairness and integrity are essential to your professional image as a leader. 

Share Knowledge 
Providing accurate information builds loyalty and trust. Invest heavily in loyalty. If staff members know that you're loyal to them, they'll give you the same in return. 

Display a Sense of Humor 
Nothing gets people through a crisis like a good laugh . . . and a manager who's willing to enjoy it with them. But, balance is important. Be friendly to staff members but don't treat them like close personal friends. They want you to be a leader and to set the standards for professionalism. 

Hold Regular Agenda Meetings 
Provide a forum for communication to ensure you give your staff a chance to talk about problems and successes. Function democratically. Invite everyone to join in. Be sure all viewpoints are heard and discussed. 

Establish an Effective Quality Review Process 
Establish clear goals and update them whenever necessary. Be sure your objectives are specific and measurable, then share the results. Balance departmental and organizational needs. You need to support the goals of your organization and, at the same time, represent the members of your staff.