Creating Your Own Opportunities

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Develop Your Leadership Skills 
Leadership skills are based on hard work, effective communication, optimism, courage and a vision of your place in your organization’s future. Effective leaders demonstrate courage by taking risks. They motivate other employees toward productivity and they work as part of the team. Effective leaders are open to change and growth, and they confront problems and accept challenges as part of their responsibility and mission. 

Move Toward Peak Performance 
Most peak performers are self-managing, establish clear goals, seek tangible results, are good team players and handle tough jobs successfully. They develop their strengths and don’t dwell on their weaknesses. Peak performers are willing to listen to advice, admit and learn from their mistakes, and they accept constructive criticism in a positive manner. 

Position Yourself for Success 
Successful employees know their organizations inside and out. They keep up with new developments and look for opportunities to expand their knowledge. Successful employees check out opportunities for success and maintain a strong base of knowledge about what’s important to the future of the organization. They avoid public criticism of the organization and its officials, and they go to the source for answers to their legitimate concerns. 

Be a Self -Motivator 
Self-motivators are solution-oriented, seize opportunities for self-development and thrive on creative expression. They are risk-takers and grow by learning new skills. Self-motivators challenge themselves, complete their assignments in a creative and timely manner, and they find their own satisfaction for a job well done. Self-motivators view difficult assignments as challenging opportunities, and thrive in meeting their potential and in achieving their goals.