Creating a Productive Working Environment

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Provide a Positive Atmosphere 
If we want employees to be creative and productive, we need to provide an atmosphere that encourages positive performance. We must also be sensitive to people and to know why they respond to supervision as they do. The better we know the employees we supervise, the more effective we will be in providing guidance and direction. 

Set a Positive Example 
As a supervisor, your behavior will be observed by staff members on an ongoing basis. You have high visibility with subordinates and when you set a pattern, you demonstrate the course your staff will most likely follow. 

Teach Your Staff the Specifics of Their Jobs 
Every supervisor is responsible to train and develop subordinates. Effective supervision carries with it the responsibility to make sure the individual has the required skills and knowledge to do the job. Time devoted to training and motivating people will reduce your own supervisory burdens and enrich the jobs of others. 

Set Minimum Standards of Performance 
Employees are more effective when they know where they stand with their supervisors and when they understand what is expected of them. Once such standards are established, let staff members know you believe in them and that you believe they are capable of not only meeting, but surpassing your expectations. 

Make Known What is Valued By You and Your Organization 
Stress the need for ethics and honesty. Promote positiveness in behavior and outlook for all employees, including yourself. Always recognize enthusiasm and the genuine efforts of the employees you supervise. You can inspire initiative if you help your staff take control of their responsibilities well enough to make things happen in a productive manner.