Co-Dependents: Helpers Who Need Help

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Co-dependents are people whose most important relationships are with those who have serious problems, such as abusive and controlling behavior or involvement with alcohol and other drugs. Being co-dependent can be frustrating and painful, but co-dependents can "recover" and begin to live satisfying and healthy lives.

Steps to Recovery 

  • If you are co-dependent, these ideas can help you recover: 
  • Learn to focus on and trust yourself. If you are honest, open and willing, you can accept that you must live your own life. 
  • Accept your feelings; happy, angry, sad, resentful, joyful. You have a right to them. 
  • Recognize when you are overreacting or being unrealistic. Do what you can to help yourself by remaining calm and thoughtful. Talk to trusted friends, take long walks, breathe deeply. 
  • Look at the patterns in your life. If you find "these things keep happening to me," think about the choices you made which allowed them to happen. 
  • Seek support and guidance through your Employee Assistance Program, a self-help group or through a member of the clergy.