Building A Positive Self-Image

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Self-image has to do with how you see yourself as a person. If you value the person you are, you have a good sense of self, and you're proud to be you. You value your skills and talents, respect your intelligence and act on your beliefs and feelings. But, if you see the need to feel better about yourself, these tips might give you some ideas to enhance your self-image.

Manage Your Self-Talk
We all carry on an internal dialogue with ourselves. Do you hear what you're saying about you? Do you put yourself down or call yourself names? Learn to listen to the things you say about yourself, then replace the negative remarks with positive comments. Stop negative self-talk at the source to take the first step toward a more positive self-image.

Recognize Your Accomplishments
Make a list of your accomplishments, no matter how small they may seem to you. Maybe you won't win a Nobel Prize, but your accomplishments have worth to you and to others. By recognizing them, you can begin to understand that you are important and that you have worth.

Be Assertive
Learn to be assertive and to practice clear communication. Say what you mean and respect what others have to say. Remember that you have rights too, and that you are deserving of recognition from others.

Be Tolerant
Be tolerant of yourself and others. Nobody's perfect! Try not to criticize yourself or other people, and don't dwell on the remarks when others criticize you. Recognize that a mistake is only a mistake and don't allow yourself to remain troubled by it.

Know Good Friends
Spend time with people who value you. Listen to what they say. If others are constantly putting you down, you might want to reconsider those relationships. People you choose to be around are often mirrors of how you feel about yourself. You can find the best in people by searching it out in others, and by expecting it for yourself.