Boosting Your Productivity

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Use Time Wisely 
Plan your morning the night before, then make the most of the first hour you spend at work. Get started with a priority task. That way you’ll set the tone for the rest of the day. It’s also helpful to know your energy peaks and valleys. Schedule your most difficult work for when you’re rested and alert. Tackle easier tasks when you know your energy is low. And, be sure to relax during breaks so you can return to work revived. 

Break Your Routine 
To increase personal energy levels and professional productivity, consider changing your daily mode of operation. Take a different route to work. Ask a colleague to lunch in a different restaurant. Cultivate acquaintances in different departments or areas of the workplace so your interests don’t grow narrow and stale. 

Refresh Your Work Space and Yourself 
Add plants or artwork to your work area. Clean up and rearrange the space for more efficiency. Put items away once you’re finished with them. You can save hours each month just by keeping items such as files, documents, tools and supplies in their proper place. And, make time for a daily program of physical fitness to get yourself into better physical (and mental) condition. 

Read Something Different and Try New Things 
If you only read nonfiction, pick up a novel or the reverse if that’s the case. Look for books that show different ways of looking at the world and encourage a sense of adventure. Take a class or do some volunteer work. You’ll learn new skills and increase self-confidence. You may even discover useful ideas to increase your effectiveness and improve your outlook on the job. 

Establish Daily Goals 
Plan your work with the goal of finishing as many tasks as possible before you go home. That way you’ll minimize “homework,” and be in better shape at the start of each new day. One way to conquer procrastination is to break each task into workable parts. For example, if you have a new assignment to prepare for, start by laying out a preliminary plan on how to proceed. Once the plan is completed, reward yourself with a few minutes of something you enjoy then go on to the next phase. By following this procedure, chances are you’ll bring each consecutive step to a positive and successful completion.