The Art of Relaxation

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The pressures of everyday life take a heavy toll on our physical and emotional well-being. Many of us are distracted by personal problems . . . conflicts with family and friends, frustrations at work, heavy workloads, financial concerns, anxiety, boredom and loneliness . . . to name just a few. It is easy to get so preoccupied with our struggles that we disregard our need to escape from it all through making time for relaxation. 

The Secret of Relaxation 
Relaxation is more than getting away from the daily grind. It is something positive and satisfying. Exercise such as walking, bicycling, dancing, golf, swimming, gardening, bowling or jogging can give you a wonderful feeling of relaxation after an intense workout. But, keep in mind, relaxing by just doing nothing once in a while, is a rewarding and worthwhile achievement, in and of itself. 

Try Something New & Different 

  • Try to ease tension by systematically relaxing your muscles from the tips of your toes to your forehead and neck. 
  • Other techniques include being involved with a good book, practicing yoga, drifting off into a quiet state with music or focusing on a beautiful scene. 
  • Creative activities such as painting, drawing, pottery, carpentry, knitting and even cooking can also give you a peaceful sense of relaxation. 
  • A sure fire method for relaxation is the use of a warm bath or professional massage to take away bodily stress and strain. You may choose to enhance this activity by reading a good book or by listening to pleasant music.

Make a Personal Commitment 
To get the best results, choose activities that give you pleasure and pursue them. Let yourself become completely involved in the rewards and benefits of relaxation by committing yourself to a least one relaxing experience every day. Hard-working people must give themselves opportunities for relaxation if they are to bring balance to their stressful events and hectic schedules.