Watching out for Kids

Watching out for KidsSummertime is here and everyone is itching to get in the car, roll down the window and go for a drive.

Although the season is short and we’re all in a hurry to soak up as much warm weather as we can, before you drive away, take a few seconds to check your car and driveway for kids.

Walk all the way around your parked car to check for children. 
When checking for kids around your vehicle, see if anything that could attract a child such as a pet, bike or toy, is under or behind your vehicle before getting in and starting the engine.
Designate an adult to supervise and find a safe spot for children to wait when nearby vehicles are about to move and make sure the drivers can see them.

Limit Play in the Driveway

Work with your kids to pick up toys, bikes, chalk or any type of equipment around the driveway so that these items don’t entice kids to play.
Identify and use safe play areas for children, away from parked or moving vehicles. Teach kids to play in these areas instead of in, around or behind a car. Consider making your driveway a toy-free zone.
Don’t allow children to play unattended in parking lots when cars are present.

Lend a Hand to Younger Kids

Accompany little kids when they get in and out of a vehicle. Hold their hands while walking near moving vehicles or in driveways and parking lots or on sidewalks.

We all want a summer to remember.  These few tips could help ensure we all have good memories of the season.