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If you develop a heart condition or already have one you should get your brain checked.

Emerging technologies are pushing cures and treatments rapidly forward into a future in which medicine will not look the same as today.

A virus causing birth defects thousands of miles away is causing concern for local medical staff.

Heart disease kills over half a million Americans every year, accounting for one in every four deaths.

Breast feeding has often made people all across the country squeamish and many hospitals are still not providing women with breast feeding support.

Amanda Varriano, CHI St. Alexius Health’s Food and Nutrition Director, joined Kevin and Monica on ND Today to talk about the health benefits of beef.

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Statistics show that 31 percent of women in North Dakota have experienced some form of domestic violence. Domestic disputes are among the most common calls of police officers and have steadily risen in our state over the last few years.

Making sure you exercise and eat a balanced diet is one way to minimize your chances of developing heart disease.

Volunteers with CHI St. Alexius Health are celebrating American Heart Month by knitting red hats for all babies born at CHI St. Alexius Health in February.

CHI St. Alexius Health announces its 2015 Excellence in Nursing Award recipients.