Vascular Screenings at St. A’s

February is National Heart Awareness Month. Because of that, St. Alexius held a free vascular screening session yesterday that was open to the public. Employees at the hospital say getting a vascular screening is a good idea at any time of the year because they're small tests that could save a life.

(Sandy Tschosik, St. Alexius Community Outreach Coordinator):  "We do a series of blood pressures. We compare the blood pressure in your arm and your leg - it's called an ABI test, and that just kind of gives us an idea if there might be some blockage in the lower extremities or periferal artery disease. And then we've got techs using ultrasound that are scanning both carotids and they are also scanning the abdominal aorta, and when they're scanning the carotids, they're looking for plaque build-up that could increase the risk of stroke. Or, if they're scanning the abdomen, the abdominal aorta, they're for aneurisms, which if those were to rupture and burst, there's not a good survival rate for that."

Mark Charter, Reporting