Tree-Lighting Ceremony

St. Alexius is proud of its huge pine tree that stands in the middle of the Medical Center’s courtyard.  The tree is a gift from President and CEO, Gary Miller.  During a special tree-lighting ceremony Monday, December 10, Father Julian Nix blessed the tree and offered prayers that it be a symbol of Christ’s birth.  As a circle of employees embraced the tree, Miller plugged in the tree, and thousands of lights lit up at once!

The ceremony was followed by caroling and warm beverages.  This is the second year that Miller has purchased a beautiful pine for the enjoyment of our patients, their families and friends and employees. The 25-foot Balsam Fir pine tree is 35 years old and was raised in Wisconsin.  The resin from the tree was traditionally used as a cold remedy.  Its oil is EPA-approved as a nontoxic rodent repellent.

St. Alexius Medical Center wishes a Merry Christmas to all!