Tom Reuer

Our next story is about someone who has cerebral palsy and has been in a wheelchair for his entire life. Ben Smith introduces us to a man who, despite his own struggles, brings a smile to everyone around him.

This man has been using a wheel chair for a long time. But it can hardly contain his personality.

''Maybe I can say I do some volunteering in town." says Tom Reuer.

"Tom is just a really great guy. He really has a fun personality and we enjoy working with him." says Laura Henkelman, Great Plains.

"He is very outgoing, he very much loves to laugh." says Randy Tank, ADA specialist for St. Alexius. Tom has Cerebral Palsy-a condition affecting 10,000 newborns every year according to United Cerebral Palsy. But he isn't letting it limit him in any way he has lived independently for 25 years.

"Probably since about 1989, something like that."

He feels comfortable doing this by using Lifeline, a Personal Medical Alert System that can notify paramedics or loved ones at the touch of a button. "I wear it all the time."

"If you're not capable of pushing the button, that thing senses that you have problems and it will call your help people." Tom has never had to use the service, and hopes he never will. But it provides him peace of mind-so he can live life the way he wants.

"It gives you kind of an ease to know that if something happens you push a button."

Lifeline has released a new product called Homesafe. This system does not require a land line or a cell phone to contact caretakers. Keeping up with the times, it can notify family members or paramedics at the touch of a button, should there be any kind of emergency.

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By Macy Egeland and Ben Smith