Talent Specialists Help Keep Bismarck Hospital Staffed

If you're not familiar with HR lingo, a Talent Acquisition Specialist is someone who's hired by the hospital to recruit employees. And now, they're on the hunt for nurses.

(Tabitha Beede, Talent Acquisition Specialist, St. Alexius Medical Center):  "Two years ago, we didn't have to go outside the state of North Dakota to find nurses.”
Recruiters tell me they're not there because St. A's is having problems keeping them on staff. They're there because the number of patients coming in on a daily basis is outgrowing the number of nurses banging down hospital doors looking for jobs.

(Tabitha Beede):  "Well now, we have all these people. We have all these people coming to North Dakota who are getting all these jobs. All these families are being transplanted, and with that, we need more nurses to take care of them."

And not only do hospitals need nurses, recruiters say they also have to be ready to pay.

(Janelle Frederick, Talent Management Coordinator, St. Alexius Medical Center):  "It's challenging. There’s a lot of high-paying jobs out there, even at McDonald's and KMart and facilities like that. So, we've just got to stay competitive in our market."

Yes, hiring more staff is expensive, but when it comes to a bottom line, recruiters say being able to utilize their already-experienced staff will be helpful.

(Janelle Frederick):  "We want to use their experience and their talents to help train our new employees and provide their service, their talents that they have and incorporate it into our new employees."

Nurses may be in high demand these days, but that's not stopping St. A's from continuing to search. A search for quality care in a hospital that's been serving our community for more than a century.

Mark Charter Reporting