System Helps Families Monitor Surgical Procedures

When you're waiting for a loved one to get out of surgery, the time spent in the waiting room can seem like an eternity. You're anxious, stressed and probably have a lot of questions. Well, if that surgery is taking place at St. Alexius, some of that anxiety can be eliminated through a confidential system called the Smart Track Screen. When patients check in, they are assigned a number. Once that person enters surgery, those who are waiting can monitor the progress of the operation by checking different boards that are mounted around the waiting rooms.

(Bryon Hoff, St. Alexius Asst. Dir. Surgical Services):  "When the actual procedure starts, this is when the time will pop up on the screen, which is linked to our actual operating room record. So, during that time, they see when the procedure starts. If it lasts longer than an hour, our nurses will come out and update the family.”

(Kim, Patient’s Family Member):  "I feel very comforted. You know when they started the surgery, and then it tells you when they get to recovery. So you know where they're at pretty much through the whole thing.”

The hospital has been using the Smart Track Screen for a few years; however, the system gets frequent updates that are constantly making it more accurate.

Mark Charter, Reporting