St. A's hosts Back to School Extravaganza

At the St. Alexius' Back to School Extravaganza, parents and children learned healthier eating habits, played games, and learned how not to fear hospitals.

St. A's Trauma Coordinator, Howard Walth said, "It's kind of a hoot. It's nice to get the kids here they obviously enjoy it, and we're really tying to work on the childhood obesity. Trying to get them to cut down on candy, the sugary treats and a little more active lifestyle and a safe life style. It's just neat for them to be able to do that with their animals."

Children were invited to bring a stuffed animal with them, so it could be examined by a doctor.

Lizzie Allen said, " I like learning about different stuff, about animals and learning how it goes to the ER and stuff like that."

The development director for St. Alexius says she hopes this health and wellness event made an impact on the community. "For one that they are going to have a lot of fun, again it takes a lot of people from St. Alexius and the community to put on big of an event, but that they have fun and that they also learn something about healthy eating and physical activities, that they'll actually take and apply into their daily lives,"said Kilee Harmon.

Reporting by TaTiana Cash