St. Alexius Uses Technology to Clean Rooms

Hospitals are supposed to be some of the safest places on Earth, especially when it comes to cleanliness. But in the past, that’s where some people have developed infections.  Medical reporter, Mark Charter, joins us with the story of a device that’s boosting the power of cleaning at the hospital.

(Mark Charter, Reporting):  Alan, it’s called the UV-360, and it’s used by St. Alexius staff to disinfect hospital rooms after the cleaning crew has already made an initial sweep.

The UV-360 system can be used in rooms throughout the hospital. By no means is it meant to replace cleaning staff, but it's an extra step in keeping patients safe. The machine uses high-powered UV rays to kill superbugs, like MRSA and C. Difficile. And those who use the UV-360 say it saves a ton of time on cleaning.

(Brad Timpe, St. Alexius Environmental Services Asst. Dir.):  "On a "C-Diff" room we have to do the room twice to ensure that it's cleaned properly and we're getting everything.  With the UV, we go in to clean a room one time, 45 minutes, bring the UV in and we're done."

(Mark Charter):  And when it's time to sanitize, all it takes is a few strokes of a keypad.

(Brad Timpe):  "Normally we do five minutes per each side of the bed.  So, you're gonna go...five will change to five minutes...that's the burn time."

(Mark Charter):  Now, because of the high intensity UV rays, no staff can be in the room at any time during the burning process, but if someone were to enter the room, there are motion sensors at the bottom of the machine that will shut down the bulbs right away. It's a machine that's taking the power of cleaning to a whole new level, and keeping patient safety a priority.

(Mark Charter):  The V-360 achieves 99-percent or greater disinfection, and St. Alexius says this is the first technology of its kind in the entire state.

Mark Charter, Reporting