St. Alexius to Receive Clean Air Leadership Award

St. Alexius Medical Center will receive recognition from the American Lung Association for its new building in Bismarck. The American Lung Association in North Dakota will present St. Alexius with its Clean Air Leadership Award during its Respiratory Rally on Friday. St. Alexius will receive the award for its new Technology and Education Center in Bismarck.

"Cleaner energy means cleaner air, and cleaner air means healthier lungs," said Jim Kambeitz, a member of the Leadership Board of the American Lung Association in North Dakota. "Every time we turn on a light switch or turn up the thermostat, we are making a decision that can affect our air quality and ultimately, our health. How fitting that we honor a local medical institution that is leading the way in buildings and policies that help to protect our air quality in North Dakota."

The Respiratory Rally is a program for adults with lung disease and their caregivers.

For more information on the rally call 701-223-5613.