St. Alexius Opens Second Interventional Radiology Lab

To meet increasing demands for services performed by its interventional radiologists, St. Alexius Medical Center recently opened a second interventional radiology lab.  St. Alexius is the only healthcare provider in this region to offer comprehensive interventional radiology services. St. Alexius’ Interventional Radiology care team features three board certified interventional radiologists: Dr. Brent Herbel, Dr. Sean Kalagher and Dr. Paul Jahn and three certified family nurse practitioners: Christina Gisvold, Jennifer Stone and Bernard Fischer.

Interventional radiology is a quickly growing sub-specialty of radiology that offers target treatment options for conditions such as blood clots, fractures of the spine, fibroid embolization and peripheral vascular disease. These minimally invasive procedures performed by an interventional radiologist provide less risk and recovery time compared to open surgery.