St. Alexius Nurse Caring for 40 Years

Beverly Jacobs says she loves to take care of people.

(Beverly Jacobs, St. Alexius Nurse):  "I always wanted to be a nurse. That was my first love.”

(Van):  That’s why she pursued her lifelong dream of nursing. She graduated from St. Mary’s Nursing School at the age of 21. Since then, she’s spent her 40 year career at St. Alexius.

(Jacobs):  "I’ve seen a lot of changes in the 40 years of nursing.”

(Van):  One of the biggest changes, she says, was doing away with white uniforms and hats nurses had to wear to identify themselves.

(Jacobs):  "Me? Oh, Lord. No dresses. I hated them.  One goal we accomplished in the time of nursing was getting rid of the hats. Hallelujah!"

(Van):  She says wearing scrubs and tennis shoes makes nursing easier, but the biggest change has transformed the job entirely: technology.

(Jacobs):  "I wouldn’t want to go back 40 years and work like we did to what we have now.”

(Van):  There used to be many errors because nurses had to hand write everything. But now computers ensure accuracy, according to Jacobs. However, she says the hard work and dedication required to be a nurse hasn’t changed.

(Jacobs):  "There are a lot of long hours. A lot of physical work. A lot of mental anguish, sometimes. Frustration sometimes.”

(Van):  Despite the grueling hours and physical labor of moving patients, she says nursing has been her dream job, focusing on patients and making them laugh.

(Jacobs):  "My philosophy when I’m taking care of patients is how I want my family to be treated. And I also like to joke.  I think humor helps patients heal."

Van Tieu Reporting