St. Alexius Medical Center Reacts to Supreme Court’s Ruling on ACA

Today, the Supreme Court announced their ruling on the Affordable Care Act; declaring it constitutional.  With that ruling, the justices noted concerns on the direction of Medicaid funding required by the federal government. 

St. Alexius Medical Center president and CEO, Gary P. Miller, says, “Although the law contains many challenges, this ruling will not impact the Frontier Amendment and prevents us from having to find approximately $10 million in operational adjustments due to the loss of Medicare funding.” The Frontier Amendment corrected a flawed Medicare reimbursement formula and leveled the playing field; correcting the long-standing disparity in how hospitals in North Dakota and four other states were reimbursed by Medicare. 

“For years, North Dakota healthcare providers were reimbursed below cost when providing care to Medicare beneficiaries,” says Miller.  “We fought hard to get our message heard so providers in our state received fair and equitable compensation for the high-quality healthcare North Dakota is known for.”

The Court’s ruling means the state will move forward with an insurance exchange intended to offer subsidized health insurance to people who don’t have coverage, and small businesses that cannot afford to extend health benefits to their employees.  “There are multiple parts and pieces to the operation of the exchange yet to be defined by the Federal Government,” says Miller.  “At this time, it is difficult to speculate on what effects the insurance exchange will have on our healthcare system.  We do know that our Frontier Amendment will not be impacted by this ruling.”