St. Alexius Makes Mobility Easier at Heritage Center

The Heritage Center has been expanding, and by the time it's complete it will be nearly double its original size. This can pose issues for people with mobility challenges. But now, they can have access to a scooter or wheelchair. Three scooters and three wheelchairs were donated to the center from St. Alexius Great Plain's Rehabilitation Services, valued at about $12,000.

(Karl Lembke, ND Historical Society Development Officer):  "Many people have been able to see the facility who otherwise wouldn't be able to see it.”

(Greg Lord, St. Alexius Great Plains Rehabilitation Services Director):  "One of St. Alexius' values is commitment to the community, and what better way to show commitment to the community than to provide these access services to the Heritage Center.”

If you plan to visit the Heritage Center, the east entrance and parking lot is now open. If you need to use one of the mobility items, you can ask for it at the visitor desk.
Heritage Center and Great Plains

Pictured Left to Right:
Marlo Sveen, Development Director, Heritage Center Foundation, Kevin Holzer, Assistant Director, Great Plains Rehabilitation Services, Greg Lord, Director, Great Plains Rehabilitation Services, Karl Lemke, Operating Officer, Heritage Center Foundation and Virginia Nelson, Executive Director, Heritage Center Foundation


Jessica Roose Reporting