St. Alexius Hosts Summer Safety Event

More than 1,600 first and third graders from 25 elementary schools packed the field house at the University of Mary, to learn more about safety topics as the school year comes to an end. From eating health to weather and rail safety, there was an activity and lesson for each student.

(Mary Cate Mannion, Reporting):  Bismarck children are several weeks away from the last day of school, but health officials and community leaders are preparing for summer hazards.  St. Alexius along with Kohl's Cares hosted many community groups to present various safety tips in a kid friendly way.

(Julie Skaret, St. Alexius Marketing Specialist):  "We want to make sure that kids have a safe and healthy summer. This isn't scary information for the kids but that it's useful information for the children.”

(Mary Cate):  From exercise based events like hurdles, and wheel chair racing, to creating finger print kits, the activities ranged from fun ways to get moving, to staying safe.

(Pat Renz, Bismarck Police Dept.):  "Anytime of the year is a good time but especially just before they start going outdoors more, is when they're going to come in contact with strangers a lot more. In the parks, at baseball practice that sort of thing.”

(Mary Cate):  Highway Patrol troopers and EMS were set up outside to give the children the very real consequences of not buckling up.

(Christa Sommer, ND Highway Patrol):  "In the summertime, they're more excited to get to the pool to the lake to their friends house, and they forget to put on their seat belts. Hopefully, this will help remind them to wear their seat belts.”

(Mary Cate):  For parents and children alike, make sure you wear sunscreen, life jackets and seat belts properly while having fun in the sun.

(Alan):  St. Alexius has been running the program for over a decade, and after joining with Kohl's Cares has started to focus the event on getting moving and healthy eating to reduce childhood obesity.

Mary Cate Mannion, Reporting