St. Alexius Dedicates Neuroscience Resource Center to Bismarck Library

Committed to our community, St. Alexius Medical Center is collaborating with Bismarck Veterans Public Library to provide educational resources for patients and families affected by a neurologic disorder. First Lady Betsy Dalrymple, along with community members presented a $4,000 check to the library on Wednesday, March 27.

At St. Alexius’ second, free “Brain Train: Get on Board!” event held last year, more than 700 people from the community attended to learn about brain-related disorders.  “The resource center will contain up-to-date books and DVDs on neurologic diseases and disorders and will be available to patients, families and the community to bring better understanding about the common, but often not well understood, brain-related diseases and disorders,” says Shiraz Hyder, MD, St. Alexius’ Vice President Medical Affairs and practicing neurologist.

“Millions of Americans suffer from some kind of neurological condition,” says Gary Miller, president and CEO of St. Alexius Medical Center.  “Young or old, large or small, everyone is affected when a loved one is diagnosed.  Yet, unfortunately, brain diseases are not well understood.  St. Alexius is dedicated to changing that and to helping to build a stronger community.”