St Alexius Accommodates ICU Families

Spending time in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) can be scary not only for patients but also for families.  Medical reporter, Mark Charter, was at St. Alexius and joins us now with more.

(Mark Charter, Reporting):  The hospital has implemented ICU pods.  They’re private spaced created for people who are waiting for their loved ones while they’re in the ICU. There's no place like home, but when you have a loved one in the ICU, going home isn't always an option. That's why St. Alexius has installed ICU pods.

(Carol Preskey, St. Alexius ICU Director):  "Families can kind of stake a place and they have an opportunity then to have some privacy, some quiet time and just a restful time.”

(Dolly Krause, Rame):  "I have been where it's've been sittin' with fifty other people, and sometimes you don't really want to be amongst other people.  I'm one of those - I'm a private person."

(Mark):  And the pods are much more comfortable than a sterile hospital waiting room.

(Carol Preskey):  "We have comfortable seating, we've just put all new flooring, we have magazines for the families to use," says Preskey. "We also have lights that dim for them and we also have computer hookups and phone jacks, so they can charge their phones.  And also use their own private computers."

(Mark):  When someone is sick families want to be close. The pods also allow visitors, who aren't from Bismarck, to have a home away from home.

(Dolly):  "I can walk to him and see him every day. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a place like this."

(Mark):  It's a simple amenity, but it provides some comfort for families during a critical time.
St. Alexius is the only hospital in the region with critical care doctors available for patients 24/7.

Mark Charter, Reporting