Specialists Travel to Minot

When you're feeling sick or in need of medical attention, the last thing most people want to do is travel long distance to see a specialist. Well, good news for patients in the Minot area.  St. Alexius PrimeCare specialists will be traveling to you. Doctors that specialize in neurology, cardiology, nephrology and many other specialty areas of medicine are making the trip to Minot on a monthly basis to better serve their patients.

(Janel Eckroth, St. Alexius Medical Clinic –Minot):  "We serve such a wide area. We serve a lot of patients in central and western North Dakota, even in Montana. So, those patients up in the northwest corner of the state can have a place where they can come closer and won't have to travel so far.”

(Anchor):  If you are interested in setting up an appointment with a specialty doctor, you can call the clinic at (701) 858-1800.

KMOT TV, Minot
Sarabeth Ackerman Reportng