Preparing for Allergy Season

Spring is here, and as we anxiously wait for the snow to melt, another pain is around the corner when the flowers start to bloom, spring allergies. When spring time finally shows itself, you’ll hear a lot of talk about allergy season. And perhaps, this season will be the worst season yet.

(Dr. Arkapol Piyamahunt, St. Alexius Allergy Specialist):  "Oh we hear that every year."

(Reporter):  Piyamahunt, says it’s really not true, but some seasons can be worse than others.

(Dr. Piyamahunt):  "We have to see how much rain we get in April. If it gets a lot of rain, then you might expect a bad season."

(Reporter):  Piyamahunt also says people affected by outdoor allergies will probably start seeing symptoms one to two weeks from now.

(Dr. Piyamahunt):   "If there is more moisture, you expect more blooming of trees, of grasses, then you expect more pollen."

(Reporter):  Pollen is a major allergen in the springtime. The more allergens in the air, the more likely you’ll start getting the running nose and itchy eyes. But medicines to treat these symptoms have come a long way. Piyamahunt says it’s easier to treat allergies now with over the counter medicine. It’s when allergies become so severe that it interferes with your daily life that you should seek advice from an allergist.

(Reporter):  Although over the counter antihistamines will do the trick, doctors do warn about its sleepy side effects.

Van Tieu Reporting