Perks of Home Healthcare

Betty Friedig is a 74 year old with a sense of humor that can get a laugh out of just about anyone. she has had a bad back her entire life, and in 2010 her life drastically changed.

"As my nerves deteriorated, I couldn't walk anymore and my vertebrae is broke, and it shot all my nerves, and it paralyzed me," says Betty.

Betty tried physical therapy for eight weeks, but without seeing a change, she made the decision to take advantage of home health care, and says she wouldn't be living at home if it weren't for her nurses and aids.

"The girls come out and they help you with your baths, they help you get dressed and comb your hair," says Betty. "And they fix your bed and change it and visit a little with you."

And nurses say, home healthcare is a great service because it allows patients to stay where they're comfortable.

"This allows them to stay home. We're kind of the eyes and the ears of the doctors in the clinic, or in the hospital," says home care nurse, Lindsey Lee. "We call them, let them know how the patients are doing. Really collaborating with them so that the patient can stay in their home."

But, on the weekends, Betty doesn't get help from a nurse or even an aid. So it's up to her husband Ray to care of, not only Betty, but also the household.

"A lot of work," says Ray Friedig, Betty's husband. "Always something to do. Get her up and whatever else there is to do. Mainly taking care of cooking, all that I never did before. "

At first being confined to her scooter was disconcerting to Betty, but now she says once she's up for the day, and sees her nurses, the days go by pretty fast.

"Once you have your bath, you feel better," says Betty. "And some days you are hurting more, but once they come in and give you your bath and they come visit with you, the nurses and stuff, it makes you feel better."

Even though weekends are a lot of work for Betty and Ray, Betty says it's worth it because it's better than spending the rest of her life in a nursing home.

Mark Charter Reporting