Painting for Patients

Hospital patients and their families can often use some cheering up, and Century High students have found a way to make things brighter at St. Alexius.

(Kristin Clouston, Reporting):  St. Alexius staff members have anxiously waited to see this.

(Julie Jeske, St. Alexius VP of Community Services):  "When we were driving up to the school that’s the first thing we saw was the beautiful panels lined up against the wall and I’ll tell you, it almost brought tears to my eyes.”

(Clouston):  Junior Sierra Link designed the mural Century High students created to help hide construction areas in the hospital.

(Sierra Link, CHS Student):  "It kind of represents North Dakota a little bit and gives it a fun vibe."

(Clouston):  This was a big job and it took students weeks to paint six four by eight foot panels.

(Jeske):  "We asked the students to come up with a design that we can put together in any way, shape or form. And sometimes we have areas where we have five panels; sometimes we are going to need 10 panels. So the nice thing about the design they came up with is that we’re able to just add white panels on the opposite sides or end sides and create the look.”

(Clouston):  The hospital is putting the artwork in parts of the women’s and children’s units, and Link says students appreciate the exposure.

(Link):  "Usually we don’t do ones that help out the community, but this one we feel like we’re doing something beyond just like the school."

(Jeske):  "They did a fantastic job. We are so appreciative of what they’re done for St. Alexius and our patients and families that come here.”

(Clouston):  St. Alexius plans to hang on to the mural and use it for years to come.

(Anchor):  The panels will be up in the next week or two.

Kristin Clouston Reporting