Hospitals Try to Keep Up with Population Growth

Hospitals in North Dakota are in the midst of some steady growth. With that growth comes the need for additional staff, and we're not just talking about doctors and nurses. This year, St. Alexius Medical Center broke a record with the most new-hires in the history of the hospital.

(Randy George, St. Alexius Human Resources Director):  "Because of the way the economy is, we've had a lot of turnover, just like everyone else in our community, especially in those entry-type positions. Between those entry-level positions, we've had about just short of 600 people we've hired in the last year.”

(Mark):  And when it comes to those entry level positions, there's plenty to fill.

(Randy):  "We have to feed all the patients, so we have to have our food-nutrition workers here. We have to keep the place clean, keep the rooms clean. And we have an exceptional force that does that.”

(Mark):  Administrators say they make sure to stay competitive with pay, but their values and mission are what really attract a lot of employees.

(Randy):  "We do have a very strong mission here that allows a lot of people to work in a mission-driven facility that they really can relate to a large extent, and it really does become a big family."

(Mark):  Turnover is to be expected at big facilities like this, and if it weren't for the massive support teams at St. A's, the hospital couldn't provide the care that people need them to.  Statewide, St. A's employs around 2,600 people.

Mark Charter, Reporting