Good Works: Delivering Cheer

This is Volunteer Week, a time to make people aware of how many opportunities there are to help and serve others. And some of those positions not only bring smiles to others but they also put a smile on your own face.  Who wouldn't volunteer to help make someone happy? That’s what it’s like for these ladies who spend a couple days a week at St. Alexius hospital. Florists drop off orders to them, and they take them up to the patients.

(Diane Doll, St. Alexius Volunteer):  "When you walk into a room, I don’t care how sick a patient is, they look at you and smile. And that just makes you feel good that you’ve done something in your day to make their day better."

(Alan Miller):  Of course, when you’re a volunteer, you’re not really on anyone else’s time clock. So if you happen to run into a friend, you can stop and chat. The flowers will get there eventually.

(Eileen Schaf, St. Alexius Volunteer):  "Oh, I love it. You get to meet a lot of people, you know, as you’re walking. Another thing about it, you know, we say it's hospital week, but you know, when I walk down the line, if I meet a doctor or if I meet a nurse or something, they smile at you and say hi. So it makes you feel good."

(Alan Miller):  Proof that flowers can even cheer up people who aren't receiving them. Not a bad gig. As we headed into the hospital to shoot that story, we ran into another pair of volunteers near the front entrance. They weren't delivering flowers, but strangely enough, they were both named Rose. If you would like us to highlight a person or organization that's doing good for others, call me at 701-255-8184 or send me an email at, or on Facebook.

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Alan Miller, Reporting