Could You Have Diabetes and Not Know It

The North Dakota Department of Health said many people in the state have diabetes but are not diagnosed with the disease.

"Those numbers have been going up because of the wide spread obesity, the increase in obesity, not only in North Dakota but our country as well," said Dr. Lance Monteau.

Type 2 diabetes depends on family history and lifestyle. "The biggest indicator is a family history of diabetes; we inherit the predisposition of the diabetes and after that, it's based off lifestyle, gaining weight." If you're unsure, you can look at some symptoms and be sure to get yourself checked.

"Typically if someone is overweight, they have relatives with diabetes and numbness in their feet or their fingers, blurred vision, and fatigue in general. I think everyone should at least see a medical professional."

"I'm not surprised to be honest, we certainly see that in the medical community, how much more prevalent diabetes is."

Julie Leonardi