CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck Implements Infant Security System

On May 11, 2017 CHI St. Alexius will implement the McRoberts MyChild® Infant Security System in the Women’s & Children’s departments. The system is designed to enhance the safety of infants and children in our Labor & Delivery, Mom/Baby, NICU and Pediatric departments.

The system works through a small unobtrusive tag that is attached to the infant/child either through the use of an umbilical clamp or a wrist/ankle band. The tags are detected by sensors that have been installed throughout the second floor. Should an unauthorized attempt to leave the monitored area with a protected child occur, the MyChild system will immediately set off an alarm, activate magnetic door locks and hold selected elevators.

Stephanie Goroski, Director or Women’s & Children’s says, “We are very excited to add another level of security to our hospital by implementing this new technology. We want families to feel comfortable and know their newborn is safe at all times.”