To celebrate 25 year, Ronald McDonald visits children he serves

Ronald McDonald made an appearance at CHI St. Alexius' neonatal intensive care unit. Amanda Dagley's child Emmett has spent five weeks in intensive care.

"We no longer could keep him in and so we had to have a C-section. He came and he was fine. Right away he was breathing completely on his own, he needed no oxygen and no issues. Just getting bigger," said Amanda Dagley. But coming eight weeks early wasn't the only problem the Dagley’s faced.

"One of the issues that we faced with having our baby in the hospital was the distance it would put between our family," said Dagley. So they stayed here at the Ronald McDonald house in Bismarck, which turns 25 this week. Kathy Keiser says her goal is simple, help those in need.

"We are able to remove that financial concern from the family and allow them to focus on the only thing that really matters and that's the welfare of their child," said Keiser, Bismarck Ronald McDonald House executive director. Since day one, Keiser has housed more than 4600 families, the longest being for more than four months. Amanda says the volunteers have made her life easier.

"I just am very grateful that we have people like this to surround us and support us in a time that is difficult like this," said Dagley.

Letting her focus on the little things like little Emmett.

The Ronald McDonald House is funded through donations. For more information, you can go to

Andrew Horn Reporting