Brain Train: Get On Board

Every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a stroke, according to the Centers for Disease and Control. And yet most people can`t identify the symptoms of a stroke. Today St. Alexius Medical Center hosted The Brain Train at the Civic Center to raise awareness about brain disorders. This year`s theme- Get on Board- featured train rides f,or children and other entertainment.Healthcare providers say an event like this helps people identify the symptoms of neurological diseases or disorders that their loved ones might be dealing with.

"We`re sure hoping that people will take away some information something they learned about some disorder, some disease or prevention of brain injury and so by visiting booths you can learn about the brain at the gateway to science booth and so we just hope that it will bring that awareness and people will even want to dig a little deeper on their own," said Nurse Practitioner Jolene Engelhart.

Donations were collected at the event to help foster brain related community education and support groups.

Alex Hagan