Bismarck’s New Year’s Baby is Born

It will be easy to remember her birthday!  A New Year's baby is born in Bismarck.  The parents of the precious bundle are a little tired because they welcomed their little one at 3:46 a.m.

(Amber Schatz, Reporting):  You know when you hear this song, a baby is born in St. Alexius Medical Center. Jeremy and Lacey Meyer did not know they would be having the New Year's baby until only hours before.  Bismarck's New Year's baby girl was born at 3:46 a.m.

(Parents):  "Seven pounds, five ounces."

(Amber):  This is the third child for the proud parents, a couple from Mandan, but holding a newborn for the first time never seems to get old.

(Parents):  "It was exciting, amazing, yep.  Cashton was born in November and Brielle was in June."

(Amber):  The couple only decided their January baby's name a short while before baby's first TV interview!

(Parents):  "Aria Lea."

(Amber):  Aria Lea makes her debut a little early.  Her due date was January 6th, but as far as how it feels to have delivered a now local celebrity, these third-time parents are keeping it real.

(Parents):  "Feels just like our other two I guess, no difference to us."

(Amber:  Just kind of happy that she's healthy?) Yep, and here finally."

(Amber):  In a couple more weeks Aria Lea's personality will no doubt start to come out more, but on her first day in this world, she is truly a sleeping beauty.

(Parents):  "Pretty laid back, yep, just sleeping."

(Amber):  Aria will meet her two siblings on January 2nd.

Anchor):  In 2013, St. Alexius delivered 31 sets of twins and one set of triplets.

Amber Schatz, Reporting