Back to School Extravaganza

Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. For years, St. Alexius and Kohl’s have teamed up to teach kids healthy lifestyle tips, but they disguise it as fun.

(Kristin Clouston, Reporting):  At the back to school extravaganza, kids got to run drills with University of Mary football players.

(Michael Wagner, University of Mary Football Player):  "I think it’s great any time for kids to get out and get involved and you know it’s a good opportunity for them to get to know us as players and just to stay healthy and active for kids growing up.”

(Kristin):  This year’s party also had a new addition called "Alex’s Buddy Clinic."

(Kilee Harmon, St. Alexius’ Foundation Development Director):  "The nurse or doctor will evaluate the stuffed animal and if the stuffed animal has a broken arm then they go and get their arm fixed. If the stuffed animal needs to learn about food and nutrition, they go to the food and nutrition booth.”

(Kristin):  The Clinic is designed to help kids become more familiar with doctor’s offices. Avery Wanner, 9, brought in her pal Meatloaf.

(Avery Wanner, Participant):  "I guess it could have a broken tail."

(Kristin):  Just like on a real visit, kids had to admit their buddies, visit with staff and follow discharge instructions.  Like many of the patients, Meatloaf ended up in a cast, Avery said she hopes that never happens to her but if it does, she`ll know what to expect.

(Anchor):  Since 2006, Kohl`s has donated more than $147,000 to St. Alexius Medical Center.

Kristin Clouston