My water broke at 18 weeks ... Kristen Fahn Story

After an evaluation in Minneapolis, Kristen Fahn was given the option to terminate her pregnancy or be on complete bed rest.  She chose bed rest and returned to Bismarck where a team of doctors at St. Alexius could monitor her and her unborn baby. At 24 weeks, Kristen was admitted to St. Alexius where she remained until giving birth at 32 weeks.  J’Ayda Fahn was born weighing 3 lbs. 5 oz. After spending seven weeks in NICU, J’Ayda went home where today she is an active toddler.

“What a blessing to be able to stay in Bismarck where my family was.”

Kristen’s story is just one example of why people come to St. Alexius for healing. Click play to hear her story.