Community Health Assessment

St. Alexius Community Health Assessment

In 2010, St. Alexius Medical Center engaged in a Community Health Needs Assessment to identify the health status of the population we service.  Since our founding in 1885, St. Alexius has been called by its mission to care for the sick by following our Benedictine values to “Let all be received as Christ.” 

Our heritage of healing includes a long-standing history of working in partnership with other organizations to improve the health and wellness of the people we serve.  From our humble roots, we learned the importance of working together to make a difference.  The same principle applied with this project as we brought together representatives from many agencies to complete a comprehensive health assessment.  Our purpose was to prioritize the greatest needs and develop and implement action plans to improve the health of everyone we serve.

Guided by our values of community, respect, stewardship, healing presence and personal and professional growth, we are committed to offering the highest degree of care for those we serve. The results of this needs assessment will assist us in our efforts to make a noticeable impact on the health of our residents.

2009 | 2010 | 2011

Community Benefit Committee Members

  • Sr. Thomas Welder - Chair
  • Rob Gayton
  • Dr. Ernest Godfread
  • Sr. Nancy Miller, OSB
  • Jody Davison
  • Gary P. Miller
  • Dr. Shiraz Hyder
  • Dewey Schlittenhard
  • Rosanne Schmidt
  • Amy Hornbacher
  • Susan Sisk
  • Julie Jeske